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I write words to explain stuff about things.


A First Look at IPFSTODO
A First Look at AvalancheRepo
Storing NFT Information Off-Chain with FaunaTODO
A First Look at Ethers and HardhatTODO

Frameworks and Build Tools

A First Look at AstroRepo
A First Look at OakRepo
A First Look at Nuxt 3Repo
A First Look at GraphQL HelixRepo
A First Look at KeystoneJSRepo
A First Look at SlinkityRepo
A First Look at React 18 with Vite and NetlifyRepo
A First Look at RemixRepo
A First Look at ViteRepo
A First Look at SvelteKitRepo
A First Look at RedwoodJSRepo

Deployment and DevOps

A First Look at PulumiRepo
A First Look at AWS FargateTODO
A First Look at Serverless CloudRepo
A First Look at FlyRepo
A First Look at GitHub ActionsRepo
A First Look at PostGraphile with RailwayTODO
A First Look at DockerRepo
A First Look at Azure FunctionsRepo
A First Look at Serverless FrameworkRepo
A First Look at ArchitectRepo
A First Look at Amplify with ViteRepo
A First Look at AWS SAMRepo
A First Look at AWS CDKRepo
A First Look at Cloudflare WorkersRepo
A First Look at Cloudflare PagesRepo


I say words to explain stuff about things.

2022-07-28Jamstack RadioBlockchain Infrastructure with Anthony Campolo of QuickNode
2022-04-22PodRocketQuickNode with Anthony Campolo and Noah Hein
2022-01-11JavaScript JabberSimplifying Slinkity with Anthony Campolo
2021-10-13JavaScript JamRedwoodJS: The JS App Framework
2021-06-09Does Not ComputeAnthony Campolo: Redwood, StepZen, and More
2021-05-28Talking ServerlessAnthony Campolo Returns!
2021-05-18PodRocketGraphQL 101 with Anthony Campolo
2021-02-23JavaScript JabberRedwoodJS Brings Fullstack to the Jamstack with Anthony Campolo
2021-02-04Web RushRedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo
2021-01-26Rails with JasonRedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo, RedwoodJS Core Advocate
2021-01-12Does Not ComputeRedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo
2020-10-04Talking ServerlessAnthony Campolo RedwoodJS Contributor
2020-09-29That’s My JamstackAnthony Campolo on Fullstack Serverless Frameworks
2020-09-24Jamstack RadioStudying the Stack with Anthony Campolo
2020-09-22Smashing PodcastWhat Is RedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo


I say words to explain stuff about things but also with images this time.


2022-07-29Composability SummitA Crash Course in web3 for web2 Developers
2022-07-28QuickStreamsUsing, GraphQL, and Remix to Build an NFT Dashboard
2022-07-07Jamstack BostonWeb3 is Jamstack by Default
2022-07-06PurrfectDevQuickNode Builds Infrastructure for the Future
2022-06-01QuickStreamsTaking Astro to the Moon with QuickNode
2022-05-31CodementorsA First Look at Deploying Smart Contracts on Avalanche
2022-05-15QuickStreamsA First Look at Avalanche
2022-04-29ETHAmsterdamOptimistic Rollups and Sidechains


2022-05-13Nick TaylorRedwoodJS Walkthrough with Anthony Campolo
2022-03-18Learn with JasonRedwoodJS 1.0
2021-05-19Jamstack BostonArchitecting Jamstack Applications with GraphQL
2021-03-26Some AnticsSecrets of Accessible Routing with the RedwoodJS Core Team
2021-03-11AsyncFullstack Jamstack Development with RedwoodJS
2021-02-28Events.lunch.devUsing Storybook with Redwood
2021-02-23GraphQL DenverFullstack GraphQL with RedwoodJS and AppSync
2021-02-02Some AnticsPutting RedwoodJS Docs to the Test
2020-12-17JS MonthlyBuilding Fullstack Jamstack Applications with RedwoodJS
2020-12-15Jamstack OPOBuilding Fullstack Jamstack Applications with RedwoodJS
2020-12-02Learn with JasonLet’s Learn RedwoodJS!
2020-10-28MintbeanRedwoodJS and the Universal Deployment Machine
2020-09-24GraphQL TexasArchitecting a Fullstack Jamstack Application with FaunaDB, RedwoodJS, and GraphQL
2020-09-05Jamstack DenverA First Look at RedwoodJS

StepZen and GraphQL

PurrfectDevManaging Multiple Data Sources in GraphQL
Pratical DevWalkthrough Wednesday with Anthony Campolo
StepZen StreamAnalyze Sentiment of Blog Comments with Google’s Cloud Natural Language API
Frontend HorseIntegrating APIs with StepZen GraphQL Studio
Alex TrostConnecting to Prismic’s REST API with StepZen
Ben HolmesBringing Dynamic Content to Static 11ty Sites with Slinkity and GraphQL
Sean KeeganTesting a StepZen GraphQL API with Postman
StepZen StreamStepZen 101 - What is StepZen and How Does it Work?
Paul CopplestoneTechniques for Connecting to a PostgreSQL Database with StepZen and Supabase
Facundo GiulianiHow to mix data from Storyblok CMS with your own project using StepZen
Greg SchierDeploying Railway Applications
StepZen StreamCreating a Mesh of GraphQL API’s with StepZen’s @graphql Directive
MintbeanIntro to GraphQL
MintbeanFullstack GraphQL with AppSync

Other Talks

Some AnticsDeploy a Site to the Decentralized Web with IPFS
Teach Jenn TechDeploy a React App with Vite and Vercel
Jamstack SeatleThe Jamstack Goes Fullstack
Some AnticsBuilding APIs with Deno and Oak
Some AnticsVite and the Next Generation of Frontend Tooling
Svelte Society Bay AreaOptimize your Site for SEO with Elder.js with Anthony Campolo
MintbeanOptimize your SEO with Elder.js
MintbeanBuilding an App from Scratch with Nuxt.js
Open SaucedA Bootcamp Student’s Contribution to Open Source
Paris DenoDeno Crate Organization
83This Dot Labs with Tracy Lee and Dustin GoodmanNovember 18, 2022
82React Bricks with Matteo FranaNovember 2, 2022
81Netlify Scheduled Functions with Simon KnottOctober 12, 2022
80Eleventy with Ben MyersOctober 4, 2022
79WidgetsSeptember 30, 2022
78The Jamstack Innovation Fund with Matt BiilmannSeptember 5, 2022
77Qwik with Miško HeveryAugust 4, 2022
76Composability with Ishan Anand and Scott SteinlageJuly 5, 2022
75Prisma with Austin CrimJune 28, 2022
74Live at Remix Conf with Scott Steinlage and Will De AthMay 30, 2022
73Serverless Guru with Ryan JonesMay 23, 2022
72Elm with Lindsay WardellMay 6, 2022
71Remix with Kent C. DoddsApril 26, 2022
70Hydrogen with Josh LarsonApril 4, 2022
69Sizzy with KitzeMarch 31, 2022
68Flightcontrol with Brandon Bayer and Mina AbadirMarch 26, 2022
67Developer Experience Engineering with Prince WilsonMarch 1, 2022
66RedwoodJS with Peter PistoriusFebruary 24, 2022
65Snaplet with Peter PistoriusFebruary 7, 2022
64TypeScript with Orta TheroxFebruary 1, 2022
63Modern CSS with Stephanie EcklesJanuary 24, 2022
62Fly with Rugwiro ValentinJanuary 21, 2022
61Everfund with Christopher BurnsJanuary 14, 2022
60Marko with Dylan PierceyDecember 23, 2021
59GreenSock with Cassie EvansDecember 20, 2021
58Gitpod with Mike NiklesDecember 13, 2021
57Sequin with Anthony Accomazzo and Eric GoldmanDecember 8, 2021
56FeatureBoard with Jake GinnivanDecember 2, 2021
55Prismic with Alex TrostNovember 29, 2021
54Bedrock Layout with Travis Waith-MairNovember 17, 2021
53Solid with Ryan CarniatoNovember 12, 2021
52Open Source Stacks with Ant WilsonNovember 8, 2021
51Storyblok with Facundo GiulianiNovember 3, 2021
50One Year LaterOctober 29, 2021
49Slinkity with Ben HolmesOctober 28, 2021
48Astro with Fred SchottOctober 26, 2021
47Podrocket with Kate TrahanOctober 22, 2021
46Layer0 with Ishan Anand and Mark BrocatoOctober 19, 2021
45Cloudinary with Tessa MeroOctober 4, 2021
44Hypercomplexity with Aldo BucchiSeptember 27, 2021
43Lambdragon with Aldo BucchiSeptember 27, 2021
42Docusaurus with Sebastien LorberSeptember 13, 2021
41UserVitals with Tharshan MuthulingamSeptember 6, 2021
40Redux Toolkit with Mark EriksonAugust 30, 2021
39Blockchain with Noah HeinAugust 23, 2021
38Learn with Jason LengstorfAugust 3, 2021
37Talking Serverless with Josh ProtoJuly 29, 2021
36Is React a Rails Competitor Yet with Michael ChanJuly 26, 2021
35Bit with Debbie O’BrienJuly 22, 2021
34Echobind with Jenn RobisonMay 31, 2021
33Supabase with Paul CopplestoneMay 25, 2021
32The Guild with Uri GoldshteinMay 12, 2021
31Fullstack Accessibility with Ben MyersMay 3, 2021
30To Fork or Not to Fork with Brandon BayerApril 27, 2021
29The History of the Jamstack with Brian DouglasApril 23, 2021
28Elements with Chris MatherApril 20, 2021
27Open Source Education with Monica PowellApril 12, 2021
26Multilingual Documentation with Claire FroelichApril 6, 2021
25Fullstack Serverless with Nader DabitMarch 31, 2021
24Plenti with Jim FiskMarch 29, 2021
23Tutorial Driven Development with Rob CameronMarch 25, 2021
22Fullstack Security with Ryan ChenkieMarch 22, 2021
21StepZen with Anant JhingranMarch 20, 2021
20Bison with Chris BallMarch 16, 2021
19Building Fullstack Jamstack SaaS with Mike CavaliereMarch 11, 2021
18React Query with Tanner LinsleyMarch 9, 2021
17Writing about Jamstack with Raymond Camden and Brian RinaldiFebruary 19, 2021 with Danny ChoudhuryFebruary 2, 2021
15Quirrel with Simon KnottJanuary 28, 2021
14Programming Cultures with Peter CooperJanuary 25, 2021
13Fauna with Brecht De RoomsJanuary 21, 2021
12Amplify and DataStore with Shawn (Swyx) WangJanuary 18, 2021
11Microsoft Open Source with Kim-Adeline MiguelJanuary 14, 2021
10Nexus and Code-First Schemas with Jason KuhrtJanuary 11, 2021
9FSJam in 2021January 5, 2021
8FSJam Roundtable with Chris Ball, Brandon Bayer, and (the) David PriceDecember 29, 2020
7Shipping Web Applications with Dominic SaadiDecember 23, 2020
6Blitz.js and Fullstack React with Brandon BayerDecember 14, 2020
5When to Declare Technical Bankruptcy?December 8, 2020
4Bringing Fullstack to the Jamstack with Tom Preston-WernerDecember 2, 2020
3Mintbean and Fullstack Education with Monarch WadiaNovember 24, 2020
2Building Online Communities with (the) David PriceNovember 10, 2020
1The Next Requirement of FSJam?November 3, 2020
0The Fullstack Jamstack Podcast with Anthony Campolo and Christopher BurnsOctober 27, 2020