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(51, 27) - I write words to explain stuff about things.


2021-10-04Deploy a Serverless GraphQL APIRepo
2021-09-27A First Look at PulumiRepo
2021-09-15Deploy a GraphQL Server with Docker and FlyRepo
2021-09-06A First Look at AWS FargateRepo
2021-09-02Deploy a Docker Container on AWS LambdaRepo
2021-09-02A First Look at Serverless CloudRepo
2021-08-04A First Look at FlyRepo
2021-07-20A First Look at GitHub ActionsRepo
2021-07-12A First Look at DockerRepo
2021-07-11A First Look at Azure FunctionsRepo
2021-06-12Deploy Node on Digital Ocean with PM2Repo
2021-06-10A First Look at Serverless FrameworkRepo
2021-05-14A First Look at ArchitectRepo
2021-05-09A First Look at Amplify with ViteRepo
2021-05-02A First Look at AWS SAMRepo
2021-04-30A First Look at AWS CDKRepo
2021-05-28GraphQL on the Edge with Cloudflare WorkersRepo
2021-05-03A First Look at Cloudflare WorkersRepo
2021-04-08A First Look at Cloudflare PagesRepo


2022-11-20A First Look at SolidStartRepo
2021-11-27A First Look at AstroRepo
2021-11-10Display a Custom Daily GreetingRepo
2021-10-15A First Look at Nuxt 3Repo
2021-08-08A First Look at SlinkityRepo
2021-06-08A First Look at React 18 with Vite and NetlifyRepo
2021-05-06A First Look at RemixRepo
2021-03-25How to Query a GraphQL APIRepo
2021-03-05A First Look at ViteRepo
2020-11-06A First Look at SvelteKitRepo


2023-03-08A First Look at tRPCRepo
2022-08-13A First Look at create-t3-appRepo
2022-02-01Querying MongoDB with Prisma and RailwayRepo
2021-11-02A First Look at OakRepo
2021-09-20A First Look at GraphQL HelixRepo
2021-08-25A First Look at KeystoneJSRepo
2021-07-17A First Look at PostGraphile with RailwayRepo
2021-04-21Can I Use MongoDB with Prisma Yet?Repo


2022-06-12A First Look at IPFSRepo
2022-03-05Storing NFT Information Off-Chain with FaunaTODO
2022-03-04A First Look at Ethers and HardhatRepo

Third Party Publications

2022-12-13Improving Core Web VitalsPrismic
2022-11-01How to Deploy Lambda Functions in RustLogRocket
2022-09-19Next.js + TypeScript: Tips and FAQsPrismic
2022-08-02Understanding MACH ArchitecturePrismic
2022-07-28Web3 data querying with The GraphLogRocket
2022-05-18Trying Vue as a React DeveloperPrismic
2022-04-19How to Choose the Best CSS FrameworkPrismic
2022-01-05Remix vs. NextPrismic
2020-12-22Deploying a Serverless Jamstack SiteCSS-Tricks

Written for Work

2023-01-10How to Pick a JavaScript Framework in 2023Edgio
2023-01-19Tracking Events with QuickAlerts ExpressionsQuickNode
2022-06-02How to Create a dApp on Avalanche TestnetQuickNode
2022-02-15Building a Serverless Blog with SvelteKit, DEVStepZen
2022-01-28Convert Stripe API to GraphQL with JSON2SDLStepZen
2021-11-09Analyze Sentiment of Your Blog CommentsStepZen
2021-09-23Mixing Data from Storyblok with GQL DirectivesStepZen
2021-07-30Execute Multiple Sequential GraphQL QueriesStepZen
2021-05-18Build the Redwood Todo App with AirtableStepZen
2021-04-30Building Fullstack eCommerce Redwood AppsStepZen
2021-04-02Building a Jamstack Blog with Next.js/WordPressStepZen
2021-02-24How to use Apollo Client with ReactStepZen


(109) - I say words to explain stuff about things.

Guest Appearances

2022-07-28Blockchain InfrastructureJamstack Radio
2022-01-11Simplifying SlinkityJavaScript Jabber
2021-10-13RedwoodJS: The JS App FrameworkJavaScript Jam
2021-06-09Anthony Campolo: Redwood and StepZenDoes Not Compute
2021-05-28Anthony Campolo Returns!Talking Serverless
2021-05-18GraphQL 101PodRocket
2021-02-23RedwoodJS Brings Fullstack to JamstackJavaScript Jabber
2021-02-04RedwoodJSWeb Rush
2021-01-26RedwoodJS with RedwoodJS Core AdvocateRails with Jason
2021-01-12RedwoodJSDoes Not Compute
2020-10-04Anthony Campolo RedwoodJS ContributorTalking Serverless
2020-09-29Fullstack Serverless FrameworksThat’s My Jamstack
2020-09-24Studying the StackJamstack Radio
2020-09-22What Is RedwoodJSSmashing Podcast


2023-05-0393Causeworks - Jim Fisk
2023-03-1692Warp - Zach Lloyd
2023-03-0291IPFS - Daniel Norman
2023-02-0890Partytown - Adam Bradley
2023-02-0189Astro Community - A Fuzzy Bear
2023-01-1888Supabase DevRel - Jon Meyers
2023-01-1187Netlify Edge Functions - Eduardo Bouças
2022-12-2886Stately - David Khourshid
2022-12-1485Storybook - Michael Chan
2022-11-3084Cloud 66 - Khash Sajadi
2022-11-1883This Dot Labs - Tracy Lee and Dustin Goodman
2022-11-0282React Bricks - Matteo Frana
2022-10-1281Netlify Scheduled Functions - Simon Knott
2022-10-0480Eleventy - Ben Myers
2022-09-0578The Jamstack Innovation Fund - Matt Biilmann
2022-08-0477Qwik - Miško Hevery
2022-07-0576Composability - Ishan Anand and Scott Steinlage
2022-06-2875Prisma - Austin Crim
2022-05-3074Live at Remix Conf - Scott Steinlage and Will De Ath
2022-05-2373Serverless Guru - Ryan Jones
2022-05-0672Elm - Lindsay Wardell
2022-04-2671Remix - Kent C. Dodds
2022-04-0470Hydrogen - Josh Larson
2022-03-3169Sizzy - Kitze
2022-03-2668Flightcontrol - Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir
2022-03-0167Developer Experience Engineering - Prince Wilson
2022-02-2466RedwoodJS - Peter Pistorius
2022-02-0765Snaplet - Peter Pistorius
2022-02-0164TypeScript - Orta Therox
2022-01-2463Modern CSS - Stephanie Eckles
2022-01-2162Fly - Rugwiro Valentin
2022-01-1461Everfund - Christopher Burns
2021-12-2360Marko - Dylan Piercey
2021-12-2059GreenSock - Cassie Evans
2021-12-1358Gitpod - Mike Nikles
2021-12-0857Sequin - Anthony Accomazzo and Eric Goldman
2021-12-0256FeatureBoard - Jake Ginnivan
2021-11-2955Prismic - Alex Trost
2021-11-1754Bedrock Layout - Travis Waith-Mair
2021-11-1253Solid - Ryan Carniato
2021-11-0852Open Source Stacks - Ant Wilson
2021-11-0351Storyblok - Facundo Giuliani
2021-10-2950One Year Later
2021-10-2849Slinkity - Ben Holmes
2021-10-2648Astro - Fred Schott
2021-10-2247Podrocket - Kate Trahan
2021-10-1946Layer0 - Ishan Anand and Mark Brocato
2021-10-0445Cloudinary - Tessa Mero
2021-09-2744Hypercomplexity - Aldo Bucchi
2021-09-2743Lambdragon - Aldo Bucchi
2021-09-1342Docusaurus - Sebastien Lorber
2021-09-0641UserVitals - Tharshan Muthulingam
2021-08-3040Redux Toolkit - Mark Erikson
2021-08-2339Blockchain - Noah Hein
2021-08-0338Learn - Jason Lengstorf
2021-07-2937Talking Serverless - Josh Proto
2021-07-2636Is React a Rails Competitor Yet - Michael Chan
2021-07-2235Bit - Debbie O’Brien
2021-05-3134Echobind - Jenn Robison
2021-05-2533Supabase - Paul Copplestone
2021-05-1232The Guild - Uri Goldshtein
2021-05-0331Fullstack Accessibility - Ben Myers
2021-04-2730To Fork or Not to Fork - Brandon Bayer
2021-04-2329The History of the Jamstack - Brian Douglas
2021-04-2028Elements - Chris Mather
2021-04-1227Open Source Education - Monica Powell
2021-04-0626Multilingual Documentation - Claire Froelich
2021-03-3125Fullstack Serverless - Nader Dabit
2021-03-2924Plenti - Jim Fisk
2021-03-2523Tutorial Driven Development - Rob Cameron
2021-03-2222Fullstack Security - Ryan Chenkie
2021-03-2021StepZen - Anant Jhingran
2021-03-1620Bison - Chris Ball
2021-03-1119Building Fullstack Jamstack SaaS - Mike Cavaliere
2021-03-0918React Query - Tanner Linsley
2021-02-1917Writing about Jamstack - R. Camden, B. Rinaldi - Danny Choudhury
2021-01-2815Quirrel - Simon Knott
2021-01-2514Programming Cultures - Peter Cooper
2021-01-2113Fauna - Brecht De Rooms
2021-01-1812Amplify and DataStore - Shawn (Swyx) Wang
2021-01-1411Microsoft Open Source - Kim-Adeline Miguel
2021-01-1110Nexus and Code-First Schemas - Jason Kuhrt
2021-01-059FSJam in 2021
2020-12-298FSJam Roundtable - C. Ball, B. Bayer, D. Price
2020-12-237Shipping Web Applications - Dominic Saadi
2020-12-146Blitz.js and Fullstack React - Brandon Bayer
2020-12-085When to Declare Technical Bankruptcy?
2020-12-024Bringing Fullstack to Jamstack - Tom Preston-Werner
2020-11-243Mintbean and Fullstack Education - Monarch Wadia
2020-11-102Building Online Communities - (the) David Price
2020-11-031The Next Requirement of FSJam?
2020-10-270The Fullstack Jamstack Podcast


(50) - I say words to explain stuff about things but also with images this time.


2022-07-29A Crash Course in web3 for web2 DevsComposability Summit
2022-07-28NFT Dashboard with, RemixQuickStreams
2022-07-07Web3 is Jamstack by DefaultJamstack Boston
2022-07-06QuickNode Builds Infra for the FutureCodingCat
2022-06-01Taking Astro and QuickNode to the MoonQuickStreams
2022-05-31A First Look at Smart ContractsCodementors
2022-05-15A First Look at AvalancheQuickStreams
2022-04-29Optimistic Rollups and SidechainsETHAmsterdam


2023-04-06Getting Started with Redwood for BeginnersKelvin Omereshone
2023-03-17RedwoodJS with AnthonySantosh Yadav
2022-05-13RedwoodJS WalkthroughNick Taylor
2022-03-18RedwoodJS 1.0Learn with Jason
2021-05-19Architecting GraphQL Jamstack ApplicationsJamstack Boston
2021-03-26Secrets of Accessible RoutingSome Antics
2021-03-11Fullstack Jamstack DevelopmentAsync
2021-02-28Using Storybook with
2021-02-23Fullstack GraphQL with Redwood, AppSyncGraphQL Denver
2021-02-02Putting RedwoodJS Docs to the TestSome Antics
2020-12-17Building Fullstack Jamstack ApplicationsJS Monthly
2020-12-15Building Fullstack Jamstack ApplicationsJamstack OPO
2020-12-02Let’s Learn RedwoodJS!Learn with Jason
2020-10-28Redwood, the Universal Deployment MachineMintbean
2020-09-24Architecting Fullstack Jamstack AppsGraphQL Texas
2020-09-05A First Look at RedwoodJSJamstack Denver

StepZen and GraphQL

2022-03-30Managing Multiple Data Sources in GraphQLCodingCat
2022-01-10Walkthrough Wednesday with Anthony CampoloPractical Dev
2022-01-06Analyze Sentiment of Your Blog CommentsStepZen Stream
2021-12-22Integrate APIs with StepZen GraphQL StudioFrontend Horse
2021-11-05Connect to Prismic’s REST API with StepZenAlex Trost
2021-10-29Bring Dynamic Content to 11ty with SlinkityBen Holmes
2021-10-15Testing a StepZen GraphQL API with PostmanSean Keegan
2021-10-08What is StepZen and How Does it Work?StepZen Stream
2021-09-14Connecting to Supabase with StepZenPaul Copplestone
2021-08-20Mix Data from Storyblok CMS with StepZenFacundo Giuliani
2021-07-23Deploying Railway ApplicationsGreg Schier
2021-07-09Creating a Monolithic Mesh of GraphQL APIsStepZen Stream
2021-04-16Intro to GraphQLMintbean
2021-01-07Fullstack GraphQL with AppSyncMintbean

Other Talks

2023-04-13Teach Jenn Docker BasicsTeach Jenn Tech
2022-09-29Building Reactive UIs with SolidJSDallas Software Devs
2022-07-14Deploy to IPFS - Decentralized WebSome Antics
2022-07-05Deploy a React App with Vite, VercelTeach Jenn Tech
2021-11-03The Jamstack Goes FullstackJamstack Seattle
2021-11-03Building APIs with Deno and OakSome Antics
2021-08-09Vite and Next Gen Frontend ToolingSome Antics
2021-02-10Optimize Site SEO with Elder.jsSvelte Society Bay Area
2021-01-14Optimize Site SEO with Elder.jsMintbean
2020-12-17Build an App from Scratch with NuxtMintbean
2020-10-18Bootcamp Student’s OSS ContributionOpen Sauced
2020-10-06Deno Crate OrganizationParis Deno