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Edge GraphQL with Cloudflare Workers


Learn how to build and deploy a GraphQL server on the edge with Apollo GraphQL, Cloudflare Workers, Webpack, and Wrangler.


All of this project’s code can be found in the First Look monorepo on my GitHub.


Generate Project

Terminal window
wrangler generate my-graphql-server https://github.com/signalnerve/workers-graphql-server

Set Account ID in Wrangler Configuration

name = "workers-graphql-server"
type = "webpack"
zone_id = ""
account_id = ""
route = ""
workers_dev = true
webpack_config = "webpack.config.js"

Deploy to Cloudflare

Terminal window
cd my-graphql-server
wrangler publish
✨ Built successfully, built project size is 560 KiB.
✨ Successfully published your script to

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