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Anthony Campolo, Developer Advocate

Hello 👋, my name is Anthony Campolo. I'm an open source Developer Advocate, member of the RedwoodJS core team, and co-host of the FSJam Podcast. This is my blog, continue reading to achieve peak blogness.

This website is built with Astro and modeled on the astro-theme-cactus starter. My content mostly focuses on web development frameworks and deployment platforms. Other topics I cover include AI, large language models, cryptocurrency, and blockchain smart contracts.

What do I do?

  • ✍️ - Write blog articles
  • 💬 - Give meetup talks
  • 🎥 - Code on livestreams
  • 🎙 - Speak on podcasts
  • 🐦 - Host Twitter Spaces

If you want to get in touch, find me online:


"Anthony is always right at the front of the line when it comes to new technology."

- Ryan Carniato, Creator of SolidJS

"Thank you for all the wonderful conversations you've hosted around React Miami. Beyond anything I expected ✨🙏."

- Michelle Bakels, Co-organizer of React Miami

"It's a pleasure having a highly knowledgeable guest on the show, sharing useful and interesting information. Thank you for coming!"

- Dan Shappir, Co-host of JavaScript Jabber