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Anthony Campolo, Developer Advocate

Hello 👋, my name is Anthony Campolo. I'm a Developer Advocate at Edgio, a member of the RedwoodJS core team, and co-host of the FSJam Podcast. This is my blog, continue reading to achieve peak blogness.

"Anthony is always right at the front of the line when it comes to new technology."

- Ryan Carniato, Creator of SolidJS

What do I do?

  • ✍️ - Write blog articles
  • 💬 - Give meetup talks
  • 🎥 - Code on livestreams
  • 🎙 - Speak on podcasts
  • 🐦 - Host Twitter Spaces

This website is built with Astro and modeled on the astro-theme-cactus starter. My content mostly focuses on web development frameworks and deployment platforms. Other topics I cover include AI, large language models, cryptocurrency, and blockchain smart contracts. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me a message on one of my social accounts.